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The A to Z of the Body

Eugene writes a variety of articles on the Arena Group network sites, covering topics such as gardening, DIY, photography, and STEM.

A is for anus, so lovely and round

B is for belly, filled with all that was found

C is for chin, all square and stout

D is for diaphragm, sucking air in and out

E is for ear, sometimes big lobed and pointed

F is for feet, to the knees they are jointed

G is for gall bladder, which holds all the bile

H is for hair, so beautifully styled

I is for iris, (it’s also a flower)

J is for jaw, to the teeth it gives power

K is for kidney, and also the knee

L is for lungs, lips and liver make three

M is for mouth, for stuffing with food

N is for nose, (hopefully not skewed!)

O is for ovaries, which hold all the eggs

P is for penis, between the two legs

Q is for quadriceps, the upper leg muscles

R is for ribs, in order, not tussled

S is for stomach, and also the shoulder

T is for testicles, in the scrotum kept colder

U is uterus, also called womb

V is for vagina, a muscular flume

W is for waist, but which size is best?

X is for the not well known xiphoid process

Y is for yolk, and for the Y-chromosome

Z is for zygote and an end to my poem

© 2014 Eugene Brennan

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