The A-Rhymes

Updated on November 9, 2017

The A-Team

JAVIER TUCO is a renegade general.
That sends federal officers to hold.
Held captive John Smith in Mexico.
John Smith is known as HANNIBAL.
Hannibal later breaks free.
In the pursuit of rescuing.
Rescue faceman peck.
Who's held captive at Tuco's ranch?
Hannibal enlists fellow ranger.
B.A BARACUS joins the danger.
They enter the ranch.
Freeing faceman from the ranch.
But the battle still goes on.
They get attention before moving on.
Tuco's chases them with his helicopter.
But it is shot down moments after.
Eight years later in Iraq.
The CIA contacts.
They contact Hannibal.
Hannibal then gets his crew.
Gets his crew to go on a mission.
To recover Iraqi insurgents.
U.S treasury plates.
With over $1 billion that is placed.
Placed to be moved to Bagdad.
In an Armored convoy to Bagdad.
The team is faced with discouragement.
But well suited for the mission.
Meanwhile, the Black forest crew.
Was on a mission to do.
Destroy Morrison's vehicle.
Knowing the mission will be successful.
When Hannibal returned to base.
He saw that black forest took away.
Destroyed the vehicle like he planned.
Along with all he brought from Baghdad.
Without Morrison authorization.
Hannibal reacts and is put in prison.
He and his crew are then separated.
Six months later, Hannibal's visited in prison.
Revealing BROCK PIKE called the mission.
The mission to destroy and take the plates.
Pike is actually trying to sell the plates.
Pike is the head of black forest.
Pike's alive and Hannibal knows it.
He plans to escape.
& rejoins his team to track down the plates.
Knows they are together.
She is hot on their trail.
Attempts catching them but she fails.
They kidnap Piker's backer.
Then finds that the backer.
Is General Morrison.
Who assisted Pike in planning.
Agent Lynch was in on it too.
He and lynch faked deaths to pursue.
Hannibal then tries telling Sosa.
That they all are alive together.
They know that Sosa is trailing.
So Pike is attacking.
They capture General Morrison.
Hannibal will hand over Morrison.
He also has the Plates.
AGENT LYNCH helped Hannibal escape.
Wanted him to find the plates.
He thought they were killed.
But is disgraced knowing that they still?
Still are alive and well.
Agent Lynch is arrested and taken to jail.

Liam Neeson
Bradley Cooper
Quinton Jackson
Sharito Copely
Howling Mad
Jessical Biel
Charissa Sosa
Patrick Wilson
Agent Lynch
Brian Bloom
Brock Pike

Joe Carnahan


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