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The '71's Valiant Men

I enjoy challenging as well as quite adventurous roles, though I'd love the workplace to be quiet it doesn't really matter to me, I'm lookin


Till the very end, they shall remain young
nor the weatherings condemn, for all the gallant melody sung
in the name of their valorous tales,
and the forged saga as their trails,
Peace idolizing its white dove,
while seeing hundreds of fallen comrade-in-arms, going to the calvary up above,
The darkness fades away, as the fortress (Dhaka) falls,
A new nation is liberated and its pre-occupier crawls,
Well, it’s been 50 years since the
instrument of surrender was inscribed,
which made over 93,000 soldiers bow
to the 1971 event, being so true,
across a nightmare, their battalions still go through.

© 2022 Arthur Linen

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