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The 7 Deadly Sins During the Pandemic

Ravi is a traveler and foodie who loves to visit off-the-beaten-track places and understand the culture, history and customs behind them.

The 7 Deadly Sins During the Pandemic....

The 7 Deadly Sins During the Pandemic....

The novel coronavirus has spread to over 145 countries and claimed thousands of lives so far.

However, despite the precautions reiterated by health officials everywhere, the outbreak has caused widespread fear among people. As a result, they are doing some ridiculous things like stocking up on masks and sanitizers and hoarding groceries.

And here are some of these deadly sins, we all need to avoid during this pandemic.


At the market store,
a sanitizer bottle
escapes his hawk eyes.


That untouchable;
sneezing and coughing around.
Shame that idiot.


Perfect lockdown plan.
six months' worth of groceries,
hoarded successfully.


Height of recklessness;
I survived the bloody war,
What is this Corona?


My healthy family;
Social-distancing, my foot!!
I know what is best.


The Smiths are "clever".
They smartly used the lockdown
to go on a trip.


Two minutes of fame;
Become a WhatsApp hero,
send COVID hoaxes.

© 2021 Ravi Rajan

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