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The 12 Poems of Christmas

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


What is Christmas?

Christmas is a magical time of the year

A time of celebration and good cheer

Houses are decorated inside and out

People sing carols and frolic about

Christmas cards are written and sent

Children are eager to open all their presents

Family and friends come together as one

Bonds are renewed and love

This is a little poem I wrote to open up this collection of Christmas poems. It is not one of the 12 Poems of Christmas. I hope you enjoy all of these poems and my hope is they give you just a little bit of a boost to your Christmas spirit and cheer. I also would like to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As always stay safe.

Christmas Decorations

I love this time of year

Putting’ up the decorations

To spread holiday cheer

I don’t have enough

I gotta get some more

So dash away, dash away

To my local Walmart store

I string up more holiday lights

Add a Santa and his sleigh

I stand back, admire my work

Then glance my neighbors way

The house looks so festive

A real treat for passers by

Shoot you probably see my house

From Way, way up in the sky

And if my neighbors hang more

Don’t worry I’ll add extra decorations

After all it’s what Christmas is for

Advent Wreath

It’s Advent

The Christmas season

Light a candle

On the wreath

Each week in celebration

Of the coming birth

Of Jesus

God come to the earth

A baby

In a manger

When the night comes, babe is born

A red candle aflame

To signal

The birth of the king

Angels sing

Shepherds come

All the world is now so bright

The end has begun

Hot Cocoa

Love my mug

Full of hot cocoa

It surely

Warms my heart

Which is chilled to the bone

After a long day

Of playing

In the new fallen snow

A sweet treat

A delight

I’ll sip and sip through the night

By the fireplace flame


Not fond of

The gingerbread man

Not the taste

Not the smell

Not eating it is my birthday plan

Cause it sets my tongue

To tingling

It causes my taste buds

To go numb

So much so

When I talk

I thalk thike this til my thuds

Go back to normal



In my house

There resides

So many candles

From window sills

To bathroom refills

My wife buys them by the score

She loves all the scents

But when she lights

More than one each day

It makes no sense


All the scents

Tickles my nose down to my toes

Leading me to sneeze


Christmas snow

Is so special

It covers

All the land

In a soft blanket of white

Which reminds us all

Christmas is

A time of wonder

A time of


A time when the world seems a

Little more peaceful

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights

Are very festive

As they light

A house and tree

But the fact is Christmas lights

Are a pain to me

First you must

Untangle all the

Wiry mess

Then string them

Up on the house and the tree

And hope for the best

But of course

After hour and hours

Of hanging

All the lights

I plug them in, they don’t work

Wait, one set’s blinking

Christmas Carols

At Christmas

We sing some carols

Festive songs

To spread cheer

Even though maybe a time or two

We all sing of tune

We all sing

We try very hard

But the sound

Which comes out

May come out a little high

May come out so low

The good news is

No matter the sound of

Carols sung

From the heart

Bring glad tidings and good cheer

All the season long



Ugg presents

For my family

All my friends

From Santa

What to buy? I really don’t know

How much do I spend?

Don’t be cheap

But don’t spend too much

Shop each store

Dash, dash, dash

Bags now filled with treasures

Wallet has no cash

Shoppings done

Gotta wrap the gifts

With paper

And a bow

Hide them all snuggly away

So no one will know

What they’re getting on Christmas Day

Christmas Cookies

Christmas brings

Not just packages

And carols

And Santa

And maybe some snow

But hopefully a lot of cookies

Wherever you may go

Sugar cookies

Jelly drops



M&M cookies

Peppermint Bark

Cut out cookies

Just to start

Macadamia nut

Butter Pecan

Fudge cookies

Oatmeal raisin


Whoopie pies

Anise cookies

So many kinds

I’ll take one of each

If you don’t mind

Yule Log

Back in the day

On your TV

You could tune in

A Yule Log

On Christmas Eve

A flame brightly dancing

Across the screen

Gave off a warmth

Not felt, but scene

I know it sounds corny

I know it sounds lame

But I really do miss

Those old Yule flames

Christmas Movies

I can’t believe I’m gonna see

My forty fifth Christmas movie

I wanted to watch only one

After which I would be done

But one led to a few more

And more and more and more

Before I knew I’d watched twenty four

It didn’t stop there, no how, no way

I watched four more the next day

After which I said I’m now done

But I watched one more, just one

Sixteen movies later I’m at forty five

My friends don’t know if I’m still alive

Soon I’ll stop. I know I will, I know I may

Cause Christmas ends in only a day

Bakers Dozen Poem - Don’t Say Xmas

Please don't say Xmas

The holiday has a name

A name which calls us

To remember the reason

For the whole of the season

The name is Christmas

Not Xmas, Happy Holidays

Or any name which

takes Christ out of Christmas

So to all Merry Christmas

And a safe Happy New Year

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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