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That's The Alarm Get Up

Ha Ha The Jokes On You

I have been up for two and a half hours

You think you disturbed me

You startled me that's all

I was deep in a thought

You are always thinking?

Which thought wouldn't you like to know?

Well, if you are going to keep bugging me

I will tell you

It is how I am going to spend my day

Like you really care

All you do is keep time

Hey, wait a minute buddy

If it wasn't for me

You would be late all the time

No pun intended

I am the center of your world

You couldn't exist without me

I am so important people carry me around all day

Either on their wrist watch or on their cell phone

Why do you check on me so often?

Because I am accurate and on point

I am so accurate to the milliseconds

I am celebrated all over the world

I have my own day

New Years Eve is all about me

I control how long you wait at a traffic light

How long you cook food in the microwave

You watch my every minute

When it is ready to get dark

Your boss loves me more than you

On your time card

I decide how much you get paid and when

You guessed it

Without time you wouldn't know when the holidays were here

I started centuries before you came into the picture

Our first introduction was the day you were born

The doctor told the nurse the time of your arrival

Then to your last day on earth

I will be there

When the medical examiner

Gives the time of death

It looks like I owe you an apology

I never realized you are so important

Most people don't and take me for granted

No more

Apology excepted

You made me seem like I didn't want to get up Miss Time

That I couldn't hear you

That I didn't know your the sound of your alarm clock

I sure didn't mean it that way

I was joking with you

A little too early in the morning for ya

The truth is time can be lonely

I am here all day

Doing my thing

Perfection all day long

Working every day

Seven days a week

I get no lunch breaks or vacation

Not even one stinking old coffee break

You all think time doesn't have a heart

Well you can hear us ticking all the time

Without your ticker

You wouldn't last a day

Well, from here on out

We will appreciate each other

We are best friends forever

True BFF's

So if I say something don't take it personal

You have got to take it easy

You bounce me around on your wrist in work

Only later to drop me on the floor

All I hear is

Is my cell phone o.k.

Nobody asks is Miss Time o.k.?

I will be more considerate

Can you do me just one more favor?

For all the years you have forgot about me

Sure , that's the least I can do

Name it

Can you change the name of this hub

To This Is Our Time To Shine

I will see what I can do

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