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That's Not Her Turn On

I wonder if she’s singing a sad song
What kind of man would I be
The kind a girl can swing with without regret
Or somebody she’d just as soon forget

She didn’t have to say it
Treat me right baby, that’s what she wanted
Why’s it so hard if you’re in love
But was it her or me I was thinking of?

Is it just turned off love?
Turned off from the way it was
Nothing she cares to think of
She’s angry but that’s not her turn on

Anyone who doesn’t love her right, is wrong
She might be poor, her glasses broken
She complains about money, but not her soul
She’s not frail, she’s not going to lose control

Her heartbreak is misery we all know
She’s like a mother loving a son who won’t call
She’s got her own way about crying
If you know her, you know her heart is never lying

Is it just turned off love
Turned off, nothing to think of
Is it turned off from the way it was
She’s alone but that’s not her turn on

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