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That's My Promise

That's My Promise

Hey! Why have you stopped writing? Are you not getting time to write?
No, dear, I always look for my insight.

No doubt, it was you who used to write pages after pages
But unfortunately, I haven't found one, since ages.

It's because I have skipped the idea of writing on digital platforms.
I felt like no one was interested in my work at all.
Poor likes, poor views compel me to be depressed,
That was not my expectation, I really don't know how to address.

Oh, dear! It's all about fame. Don't be so perplexed.
Just start with one and trust me you will end up being timeless.

But will there be one to support me, to appreciate me, at least?
Shh! Your words, your creativity.... Why don't you start with me?

You? Is that all that I want?
Uh! not again, I feel like your bad days are gone.

Thank you for the unwanted support, Thank you for such an appreciation.
I will love you till eternity, you will never be my depreciation.
Your words, your lesson ideally, a pure bliss.
I will surely pen down my thoughts again,
To you, that's my promise.

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