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This was our song :) I still love it :)


How I wish that you are here with me
How I wish I could hear the sound of your voice
How I wish you didn't die
So sad I didn't have a choice.

You made me smile, you made me safe
I felt stronger with a warm embrace
Knowing you are with me made me feel safe
Once again, how I wish to see you face to face.

Life without you for 21 years
A roller coaster ride with occasional tears
I miss you so much for all these years
Thaththi, without you I'm facing my fears.

I wish you a wonderful heavenly Birthday
As you celebrate with angels and Jesus
I love you, miss you and hope to see you one day
Where we stay forever with Jesus <3

This is my favourite picture of my Thaththi and Ammi ( Father and Mother)

This is my favourite picture of my Thaththi and Ammi ( Father and Mother)

I wrote this poem on my father's birthday. I miss him so much but however with time I have forgotten how his voice sounds like. When I realized it, I was quite upset. My mom says it's for the best that I forget and I should let go as he's with Jesus. I will meet him when I go with Jesus.

I used to watch my father and my mom's wedding video like at least once a week. It was my favourite movie growing up :) I even added few moments from that into my first book 'Optimism' when I wrote about the wedding day :)

I gave almost all my toys except for my Teddy and the two barbie dolls which I got from both mom and my father when I was about 3 years young for christmas. Although my mom says I'm too old for dolls, I finds it so hard to give them away. Whenever I miss my father, I simply spend time with " Jem and Jasmine" :) Gem is a talented Gymnastic doll and Jasmine is crowned as the beauty Birthday doll :) I still have time to be silly :)

Father God makes the difference :)

Found An Echo 26/07/2019

I have met people whom I have looked up to

Some even reminded me of you

Probably why I no longer remember your voice

Long memory, I forget easily so I don't have a choice.

I think of the days you were my alive pillow

You gave me horse rides to the tree of willow

We happily ate mom's marsh-mellow

After school you gave me a hug and a warm "Hello".

You were quite methodical and organized

Except for cooking you did everything super nice

Had water fights and you bathed us

It was quite fun for all of us.

You would hold me up so I could pluck 'Jambu'

Then we made really nice 'Achcharoo'

You would give a push behind the swing

Later you made me memorize and sing.

We used to play cartridge games of Ninja Turtles

In the weekend you would show me squirrels

We treat ourselves to our favourite 'Halapa'

Watch Popey, Ninja Turtles and Asterix 'The Soorapapa'.

You always read so many books and studied too

Listened to Jim Reeves and Namal Udugama too

Then you would play your guitar and sing to us

Watch historical places and we discuss.

You always dressed with the shirt or T-shirt tucked in

With a nice black belt to hold everything right in

You always looked so smart and handsome

With Striped T-shirts and your old ones I still wear at home.

I like sitting and standing right next to Pinkish Priest

I like getting warm big hugs once a week at least

He reminds me of you who is probably six years elder to you

He's tall and has broad shoulders, giant but comfy like you.

Well, I'm thirty two years young and I still miss you

And some of my brother's behaviours are like you

Teenage years, Twenties and thirties without you

Although it's sad, I'm glad that with Jesus no more pain for you.


I just thought of writing some memories in a poem so that even if I forget, I will be able to re-live when I read the poems :) My father was not well that he was unable to go out and work, yet he made sure to help out in the household matters except for cooking. In my life, he was the the most organized methodical neat person I have ever met. I wish I was like him in this area sometimes :)

© 2019 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa

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