That Touch of Romantically Punk Euphoria is Gone

Updated on November 15, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

B.B. King sang about how the thrill no longer existed

His definition of the word could be a number of different things

Definitely understood that the character in the song changed

Not the same as they once were after life hit them hard

Ready to accept the fact that this narrator changed as well

No longer oblivious to the reality that was in front of them

Their private island of happiness wasn't meant to last long

Not as utopic as it appeared to be on the surface

Just a sham in the guise of a fling that lasted longer than it should've

Sure, the memories were good and bad in equal measure

Ready to find a new, more ground paradise to hang the proverbial fedora

Stepping out in the most weather appropriate attire

Saying goodbye to the loving façade I once knew

Forty days have passed since the spell was broken

No longer feeling that blissfully rosy feeling of love

Or after having too much rosé or Pinot Noir with dinner

As comfortable as wearing the thickest wool sweater alive

Wrapped around all the nooks and crannies to keep warm

It was sublime; while it lasted these past two eventful years

Suddenly, the metaphorical sweater was repossessed by reality

Two cynical police detectives took it away to stay in an evidence locker

Stolen by a corrupt individual looking for that piece of contentment

A slice of heaven wrapped in synthetic retail material from the online recesses

Eager to find not a replacement of that emotion stability

Unrealistic to try to replicate that ideal so soon after the real thing

Came and went faster than Mother Nature's temperature dropped

Finally, starting to get over the resentment that crept in when reality bit back

Still slightly cynical when seeing happy couples truly in love

Believing that this newfound singleton would be alone forever

Came back to earth after getting slapped by Cher via Moonstruck

Anyone can find love, even when they least expect it

It's what happens next that mattered more than a replacement sweater

Respecting the past and yourself before preparing for the future

Survival of the fittest important when mental and physical go together

In tandem with all the drastic haircuts and makeovers allowed

Time to let that former feeling of comfort come from within

Better than letting a false suitor fill the void that was only yours to fill

Cheaper anyways because the shipping was free in the end.

What can be better than free shipping anyways?

Ideal comfort that's so close and yet so far away.
Ideal comfort that's so close and yet so far away.


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