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That Paper

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What would you do for that paper?

Would you betray for that paper?

Cut someone for that paper

Kill for that paper

No remorse, as long as you have that paper

You see, that paper is everything!

You get a house with that paper

You get women with that paper

You get power with that paper

Do you get why I need that paper?

Give your family a wonderful life with that paper

But are you ready to lose your sleep for that paper?

Go to jail for that paper

Die for that paper

Why is it so hard to get that paper?

It’s just paper

You went to school for that paper

You got a job for that paper

But the system that created that paper

Makes it difficult to get enough of that paper

At the end of the month when you get that paper

All you do is settle bills with that paper

Which leaves you with almost none of that paper

You go again, every month, hustling for that paper

Same cycle, year after year for that paper

So much struggle for that paper

Why should you struggle so much for that paper?

Why did they make it so hard for an honest, hardworking man to get that paper?

Pushed to the wall cause of that paper

You ask yourself when you need more of that paper

What would you do for that paper?

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