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That Old Back Porch Swing

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.

My Special Place

Our dog Gunner’s last trip with me to that old swing, before cancer took him from us.

Our dog Gunner’s last trip with me to that old swing, before cancer took him from us.

My Go-To Place

Where is your special go to place?

Do you have one?

You know what I'm talking about, right?

That special get-away place which you seek out, where you long to be; whether it be at the end of a long stressful day, to watch a storm brewing or blowing in, to read a good book...

That place where you go-to, to do some thinking, to do some praying, some soul-searching or to have a good cry.

Better yet, that place where you have a good laugh over the phone with a dear friend or a distant family member

More often, for much needed, therapeutic, self-sustaining, private moments which assist in making you a much better version of you; while enjoying a glass of wine, all while forgetting all about, the time!

If you do not yet have one, I highly recommend that you find one.

Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this, I will have convinced you and you will be on the search.

Just be prepared, because go-to places, you will find, are often gone-to, due to heartache, upset, sadness, aka: all that life stuff!

I am blessed to say that I have more fond memories than sad. I've laughed there, more often than I have cried and the memories made will sustain me for the rest of my life.

Although, I must admit, here of late, the sad times do seem to be dominating.

I will have to swing on that for a time, while giving it some thought -

It is my very special go-to place and I invite you in for a visit, to stay for a minute or for the day -

Come, sit a spell -

Welcome to my old back porch swing:


That Old Back Porch Swing

I have traveled about ten thousand miles in that old back porch swing

Laughing, crying, pondering life; wondering what the morrow has in store, what it might bring

When I have some soul-searching to do or when I just need to pray,

I’m drawn to that old swing, be it five minutes or an hour or two, that I might stay

It has felt my tears, carrying me through troubling times, you just don’t know...

The subtle squeak, such a soothing sound, as I steadily sway to and fro...

My go to place in my time of need or when all I want to do - is swing

I may close my eyes or I may watch the rain, I may choose to read or I may sing

I’ve napped there, quite a few times, in that old porch swing

Sometimes it has brought good rest, other times, a very stiff neck, is all that old porch swing did bring

We all need at least one special place, in which we can escape to

When it cannot be easily traveled to, these special little close by places of ours, will often have to do

Many friends and family members, have sought out that old porch swing

So much life has been lived there and that’s the most important thing

Grand babies pile in, pile up and pile on, wanting to go for a ride

I would swing all day long with those precious babies, right there by my side

Quiet nights chatting with the man I love doing life with, are often spent there,

but they really aren't spent are they, because it’s quality time which we share

You see that old rocking chair, sitting there close by?

I’ll admit, as a place of solace, I’ve given it a rock or two, I've given it a try

In the sunset of our lives they say, rocking chairs are the place to be

Maybe when I've reached that place, it will become a new go-to place for me

Perhaps when more years go by, it will replace my special place, we will just have to see

But for right now, today, in that old porch swing, is the place where you will find me!

That Old Porch Swing

© 2019 A B Williams