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That Old Routine

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We Are Chugging Along

It feels like we have been here before

That's because we have

Most days are made up of the things we do the most

We all have our own schedule we follow

Once and awhile we will stray

More often than not

The things we did last week

We are doing again this week

Then the months that follow

It is just the way it is

Sometimes our job dictates the time we have

It is easier to do the things you have done before

They become second nature

We don't have to think

Most of our daily routine becomes automatic

That can be a great time saver

Then again it can be real bad

We limit ourselves to new experiences

Even though I like what I do

I have worked long and hard to get where I am at

I wonder how many people feel the same way

You might get up at the same time

Watch the same t.v. programs night after night

Eat the same foods on the same days as the week before

Stop at the bank, run errands and sit on the same chair

We are prone to have the thougths will bring us the result we want

Then we hang around with the same friends

Who also act generally the same way

When I look back at all the things I have done

Many don't even come to mind

Because they are not out of the ordinary

So they don't stand out

Some people call it the hum drum of life

The same old same old

I am not sure if we can escape from it

I like to think of it more like the cream of the crop

Where we make our life in every moment

Deciding what to do

Finding what is good for us

Then sticking to it

Avoiding the bad

The bad is only going to put us in a dark place where we don't want to be

So you can find me sitting on the computer

Typing at the same keys

Usually late night and early morning

Spinning a tale or two

From years ago till now

I haven't changed much at all

I am getting older and slowing down a bit

We shall see if I am correct

I am going to look at old notes

Then compare them to today

The results will be in soon

I am going to be excited or shocked

So good night for now

Off to get some much needed sleep

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