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A Girl in Society

Nicole is a registered Mechanical Engineer who loves the outdoors and has a passion for helping people. IG: @liveforthegift


I see fire in everything I do

Always terror and pain wherever I go

How does society define me?

A girl whose soul got lost in morality

Fate has brought me here

Can someone make me disappear?

People belittle and judge that girl

Not even knowing that she's like a pearl

What shall I do? How can I live in this?

All the crazy things I don't want to miss

Yes, I'm that girl you talk about

But I'm not the one with a backstabbing mouth

So I choose to live freely in this world

Before words are left unheard

I courageously told the galaxy,

I"ll still be that girl whose soul got lost in morality!"

© 2019 Nicole Rich

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