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That Exceptional Moment

The moment you sleep,
tired and relieved from workload and stress.
You take an extricate leap,
a transition from reality to a mystery mess!

It's another world full of surprises
with new dimensions each day.
Recreations with anonymous amazements
in which you have no real say.

The moment you sleep,
you enter a world where you cannot act,
where there is no deep realism,
that can synchronize your mind.

Daydreams cannot explain it,
the dreams you might aspire for.
Mystical figures abounding it,
this world is a hidden core!

The moment you sleep
you are travelling,
embedded in a sea of feelings,
submerged in a pit of thoughts,
your body under darkroom ceilings,
your mind away numerous knots.

The moment you sleep,
it's hard to believe
you take this extricate leap
from darker night
to brighter light!

© 2021 Mehul Jacob

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