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That Dream I Had

We all have our own dreams but our dreams may not come true, then what are we supposed to do


I had some dream in the past
A world which could accept me
A world were everyone had their own color
A world that had no cage

I had a dream to fly
To see the cloud and the sky
I always wanted to travel to something new
Because I have only seen few

I was happy to grow
And chase those dreams
But everything was so far
Then again I never gave upon them

Everything changed so fast
As I started to grow
Those hopes really failed me
I started to weep

All I want now is to end these day
As quick as possible
I gave upon my dreams
And buried them deep down

I need some wings to fly
To fly far away
I need new paths to travel
travel far away

I do not want any more dreams
I just need some good night's sleep
Now I am afraid to dream
Because the dreams turns to nightmares

Someday may be I could dream again
For a future that is bright
I hope this day too will pass away
without any new ghosts

© 2022 Foolishspy

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