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That Could Have Been Me - A Poem About Young Love

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

That Could Have Been Me | A Poem About Young Love

That Could Have Been Me | A Poem About Young Love

A Poem About Love

This short poem about love is from an experience that I know some of you can relate to. It’s that moment in our life when our hearts first beat for what most of us will describe as love. And if I would make a general description of the timeline, this happened when we were in high school.

This is that odd moment that you want to forget. The time when you had a crush on someone. You really, really liked her. But you were just too cowardly to ask her out.

Then out of nowhere this guy comes along. And stole your dream girl right in front of you. Tragic, but deep inside, you know that you deserve the pain.

That Could Have Been Me

The biggest regret of my life
Is not telling you,I love you

I’m not sure why
But I did not have the courage
To tell you how I feel
In a moment of my life
When I had time to express my love
I failed to even say a single word

You made my heart beat crazy fast
I really can’t explain all the emotions I was processing
But I’m certain it was love

Even just by talking to you
About silly things like the garbage truck
Made me very very happy

My decisions were very poor
I was a coward
And I sacrificed my happiness for that

To be brave
And just say it out loud not thinking too much about the consequence

I waited and waited for that opportune moment
And that was my biggest mistake
And in the process of waiting
I lost my opportunity to love you

Somebody had the courage
To tell you, you are pretty
That your smile is as beautiful as the sunset
Though I could have described your beauty more precisely
It doesn’t matter now

You are with somebody else
His happily holding your hand
While you looked gorgeous in a red dress
It feels like torture everytime I open my Instagram

You are living inside a love story
And all I have now are regrets
And I’ll repeat it three times
To emphasize my foolishness

That could have been me
That could have been me
That could have been me

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