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That Call We All Fear

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When A Family Member Isn't Well

Most days come and go

Little do we know

There will be times we don't like

A call left in the middle of the night or early in the morning

That comes unexpectedly

Some things we can't prevent

Telling us news we don't want to hear

Sometimes it's a death

We are blessed if it was only a fall

That still doesn't change how serious it can be

How our hearts sink

No matter who it is

A relative that we are not as close as we like to be

We are still born or married into this family

The truth is

We know it could be us on the other end

Life has no guarantee

It does remind us to be happy

Make the time we have special

We know nothing lasts forever

For me it was my brother who has taken a fall

He tripped over an ottoman

He hit his temple

He is home and resting

I am pleased to end my poem with a happy ending

Unfortunately, many stories don't end up that way

My heart to all those that have to deal with the grief, pain and suffering

That better days will come

Where we can get on with our day and our life

Cherishing the people and the love we hold prescious

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