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That Beer Goggle Moment


That beer goggle moment.

You’ll know when you’ve got them on.

It’s when that ugly duckling,

Becomes a graceful swan.

It only takes a few drinks

To let their beauty shine.

But if they’re really hard work

It might take eight or nine.

The problem with the goggles

That fills you most with dread.

Is what you find next morning?

When you waken up in bed.

With your golden hair, your dazzling smile,

You looked a touch of class.

Now your hair is on the dresser

And your teeth are in a glass.

You told me you were thirty,

I now feel such a fool.

You forgot to say, you didn’t count

The years you were in school.


Goggles are bi-sexual

You ladies wear them too.

You think you’ve found that dreamboat,

When you’ve had a few.

That Brad Pitt double chats you up,

You think oh what the heck.

When you wake up in the morning,

You’re lying next to shrek.

The moral of this story

Is simple and quite true.

You have to find that dream date,

Before you’ve had a few.