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That Affected Me Too

(also spelled as 'Abhishek Nayak') Writer, Blogger


What a beginning to the day it was!

Everything was fresh, the feeling, the surrounding, the views, almost everything.

I had lined up a series of ‘to-dos’ that day,


Then came the news, which makes everything and everyone around it gloomy.

That affected me too but not much as I was not directly connected to it


It had affected a bit more to the ‘to-dos’ I had thought of.

Then comes the clashes inside the mind to whether continue with the ‘to-dos’ or delay the ‘to-dos’ or to do some of the ‘to-dos’.

It just changes the thought process of the day.

It plays with your mind,


You can’t do much except going on with your changed plan or ‘to-dos’ but sometimes you have to go with your pre-planned ‘to-dos’.

© 2022 Abhisek Nayak

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