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Cheers to You Mama and Papa

Hello,I am a woman who uses words to explain her situation in form of poetry.

I Love You

Cheers to you,

You are among the few,

Who knows how to give a love so true,

All the time you are given options its me you choose,

Today I want to tell the world you are a rare jewel.

You stood by me through all times,

Even when I was such a naughty child,

Spilled all the milk and on it I slide,

But my safety is what mattered,

Cheers to you mama for the person you mould.

Here is for you Papa,

You changed all my soiled disgusting diaper,

As much as you had a short temper,

You knew best when to bring in the jigles as you pamper,

To me you are the best feature,

That was made by our creator.

Cheers to you mama and papa,

You came in at your own will,

Gave my life a driving wheel,

These words can not explain the gratitude I feel,

Cheers to you my darling,

Cheers to you.

© 2018 Winnie Sagina

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