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The inspiration for this poem was how much I struggle to decipher some of the texting acronyms that are out there

Text Speak

While working on this poem

with a great deal of frustration

I decide that the best way

was reader participation.

You have to read the whole words

to help the poem flow

If you want the answers

there is a webpage down below.

FAOWC about

this initialising game.

I wish you would write a code book

so, we could all put the same.

I remember when it was the thing

to use the written word.

Now it’s all initials

it’s really quite absurd.

Some ones are universal

and some, may be classed as rude.

Is that one in the title?

Do you really think I would?

It really is not something new

I remember it was bliss

When you received a letter

and she wrote SWALK.

You got an invitation

they ask RSVP

And if they want a quick reply.

ASAP is what they say.

You have yourself a new BFF

She makes you LOL.

She might turn out to be a PITA

and not quite what she vowed.

She’ll use the famous OMG.

When you tell her something shocking

Or it will be FOFL,

if what you say is mocking.

Sometimes you think that LAB

and makes you want to scream.

You just have to GOWI.

and go and live your dream.


Or do you want to flee?


it’s been good fun for me.

It’s time to DTRT

and stop trying to make this rhythm.

So’ I will say TTFN.

until another time.

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