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Tethered Together

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Tethered together by two

different sides of the same thread,

feeling in their hearts a

love that seems almost unreal.

Sharing the same dream

and tethering their lives as

one in so many different ways.

Reaching for each other

in the darkness, because they

know that no matter what

the other is going to be there.

Revealing their deepest

secrets and thoughts

to each other.

Knowing that no matter

what their bond is

cemented forever.

Comparing their thoughts and

making known their dreams.

Telling each other that

the world belongs

to only them.

When they are with

each other it as if

the world has melted

away and disappeared.

The time runs so quick

that before they know

it the day is over and

they have to start it

all over again.

It’s almost as if the

more time they spend

together the less they

really want to be apart.

Tethering their lives

together in every way

possible and knowing

that apart is not an

option for either of

them any longer.

Tethered together with

bonds so strong that

they cannot be torn apart.


Brett Young — In Case You Didn't Know