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Terror's Dream: A Poem


Terror's Dream

On a warm April dawn.
Beneath an overpass,
A child sits,
And, dreams.

Dreams of a daisy’s embrace,
Its petals and leaves, a comfort.

Dreams of a painful
Night without fear.

On a hot August day,
A young man runs,
And, dreams.

Dreams of a dusky
Monster in his veins.

Dreams of an eternal fix,
In the wilderness of his mind.

On a cool October eve
An old woman sleeps,
And, dreams.

Dreams of
Loneliness’ end,

Dreams of a land,
Long gone.

On a frigid January night,
The dead wait,
And, dream.

Dreams of forgotten names,
And, unwanted lives.

Dreams of shadows, and,
Cruel rebirth.

© 2021 Johanna Elattar