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Terror of words

A word is a knife

That can claim one's life

Of either bitter or sweet

O'er joy and sorrow threat.

A word is a lethal poison

That can kill a million

Either friend or foe, clan or tribe

If one dares, no one survive.

A word is profound

Fathomably deep, like burial ground

In existence of the unknown

A word itself as a word is thrown.

Fear for word is a chaos hell

Calm for a word is peaceful to tell

Decide! For word is two,

Amidst life and death, which is true?

About the poem

Dont use hurtful words against others because we dont know what will happen if they've been hurt too much by our own words. Words can also cause chaos. So think before we speak. Spread love not hate.

© 2020 DawnToDusk