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Terror Lurks When You're Alone - a Dark Poem

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John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.

A Dedication

This dark poem was inspired by a close friend of mine who has recently been through a lot of personal tragedy and loss. Her sleep is troubled with bad dreams and feelings of loneliness. I dedicate this to her.

Terror Lurks When You're Alone

Terror lurks when you're alone,

When darkness falls, it strikes.

Be afraid to close your eyes

Lest you may wake in fright.

When the cuckoo clock strikes twelve,

And the pendulum swings low,

That's when evil stalks its prey.

Be strong and courage show.

Nightmares haunt my troubled sleep,

Ghouls plan their eerie schemes.

Will I die before I wake,

Or perish in my dreams?


What passed by the window?

Did I see the curtains move?

Do monsters lurk behind the panes?

Real bravery I must prove!

Where's the daylight that I seek?

I can't wait for the morn.

Ease my scared, tormented mind,

God bring an early dawn.

Then, sunlight breaks the darkness,

The saviour for my heart.

I made it through another night,

A brand new day to start.


I fill my time with interests

Like shopping, lunch with friends,

Watching movies, or TV,

Whatever the day lends.

I try to show a cheerful face,

To push my fears aside,

Concentrate on other things,

Not dread the coming night.

But all too soon the dusk descends,

The light it fades to dark.

that is when my fears return,

And loneliness looms stark.

© 2018 John Hansen