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What Will Human History Hold?


People of Color, their strength and great determination, resolved,

And to be so distinct is our admiration, not a mystery to be solved.

How may men or women overcome, their entire life of disrespect,

Treated as lower than human beings, of this we all must to reflect?

Coming from every continent, each race seeks any land to be free,

Not to be mistreated and put down all the time, not expected to be.

When will we all learn to share this world, not play favorites, be fair,

Give every one respect so deserved, showing them all that we care?


Must we always have racial discord, never living in any harmony,

Our Lord God made us all equal souls, not one better, any to be?

We may have skins unalike, why would a single one be greater,

Our hearts are all beating inside bodies, put there by our creator.

How can a people put down so long, stand up, in courage, so tall,

Living each day with same hopes and dreams, a positive protocol.

The tenacity of a strongest people, overcoming every obstacle, all,

Never to allow any to be overwhelmed, no matter how big or small.


How could any nation made up of all humanity, so never to get along,

From every corner of this world, in kind, all's resolve, to be very strong?

Each nation has its finest contributions, take pride in cultures, so grand,

All have so much to give for the whole, such discord, hard to understand.

Should we all die, go away, and never ours to walk the earth's soil again,

What would ones who may come to explore, think of our civilization then?

Here lies human beings, all to fight and destroy, never could any get along,

Cultures all so advanced, of intelligence, so gifted in arts, what went wrong?


Anger, being apathetic, arrogant, bad-tempered, boastful, as conceited,

Deceiving, disrespectful, egocentric, greediness, haughtiness, jealousy,

impolite, impatience, being unkind, uncaring, characteristics, all defeated,

Would not be room enough on our tombstone, for our identity, its credibility.

© 2018 whonunuwho

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