Feelings From Ten Years Ago

Updated on July 9, 2018

Your maroon-colored sweater

The way you wet your lips with your tongue

The songs you sing

When you said you were drunk

When you said you are lonely

When you said I'm one in a million

When Stevie Wonder's song was too high for you

The sight of you on your motorcycle

When you said your family matters to you

When you said they told you it's none of your business

When you tell me "you can do it!"

When you look at me like there's something else

When you're walking and I'm steps behind you

When I look at your arms and I wish I'm enclosed to them

That rush of heat through my nape whenever you speak behind me

When you look so good in your white shirt

When you went to work wearing slippers

When you were caught with a lighter in your pocket

When you said a policeman chased you

When you drank from the same glass

When you offered me that muffin

When you cautioned me against passing vehicles when I'm on the wrong side of the road

Your silver wristlet

Your sneakers

You with your socks on minus your shoes

The way you laugh

The way you pat my chair

Whenever you say you're sleepy

Whenever you say you're tired

Those 7 minutes of you sitting close to me that I wish would last forever

The way your thighs rub against mine

The way your head rest on your arms as they grip the jeepney's railing

For the times when I feel like touching your shoulders

Times when I want to hug you tight, kiss your cheeks and indulge myself to the scent of your perfume

The chocolate you wrap around your teeth like braces

When you said you we're freezing

A picture of you with your back on the wall

The way you smoke your cigarettes

Your white wristwatch

When you said "time to explore"

The way you pull your shirt up to cover your head when it's hot

Whenever you say "let's go"

How it feels good hearing your voice

How pleasant it feels knowing you're in the same room

The way you sip your juice with no hands, mouth on the straw the way I do mine sometimes

The way your shorts show through your pants

The way you remove your shirt

You infront of your locker

How when you talk to me I run out of sensible things to say

When all I could say is Hi

How your presence could make me feel giddy and breathless

When all I could do is flash that stupid smile of mine

How I wanted to tell you you mean so much to me

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