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Temporary Romantic Hero: Not the Ideal Picture

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

An image that never matched up to the reality that lurked beneath

Person who loved to talk a good game, but had nothing to back it up with

Demonstrated to the familial masses that they wanted the brass ring

A tale where everyone got what they wanted and was happy about it

When in truth, they had no idea what it took to make things last

Switching careers like he was going through fashion trends

Ditching supposedly failing relationships when going got tough

Hated drama in their lives that was likely created by them

Choosing to seek complications instead of finding ways to ease them

Even ran from their responsibilities when everything fell apart

Took a much needed escape from reality to find themselves

Only to still be in denial about the truth of the matter

Lied to themselves and their loved ones to keep up a front

Said and did some of the right things to still attract dates

Offered just enough truth and colorful stories to reel them in

Without putting their flag on any plot of land in their future

A person who doesn't believe in forever or happily ever after

Always looking for the exit wherever they are currently at

Constantly found ways to pick apart anything decent

Decided instead to become the villain in someone else's story

Instead of finding a democratic way in dealing with challenges

Considered a coward for never sticking with anything of substance

Chose to be irresponsible even when having mouths to feed

A perpetual child that never really grew up; even when hair turned grey

Felt like an old soul when their maturity level stuck in high school

Ready for the latest romantic casualty to nurse their wounds

Moving onto to bigger and better things with honest people

Meant what they did and followed through on their promises

Easy for some; not so much for others

Time to pull up stakes and find a better plot of land to claim.

Surveying for a better future.

Surveying for a better future.

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