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Temporary Evaluation of Love and Other Unfortunate Events

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Start of the new year forced me to examine past and present

Dealings of the heart and what can be done differently

For future relationships or tours of romantic duty

Sounded like a chore that no one would want to take part in

Painful and arduous labor to fall into an uncertain love story

Unsure how it was going to end or if it was everlasting

Currently, not too eager to find out either after 90 day old heartbreak

Still smarting from the wounds from the last go around

Hesitant to suit up with the rest of the lovestruck Avengers

Living to fight and love another day after Prince Supposedly Charming

Pulled up stakes and ran as fast as they could back into bachelorhood

Realized that the fault wasn't at all mine; hurt still the same

Not as bad as it did in the beginning days of the break-up

Greatly changed by a choice that wasn't made voluntarily

Not the same naively trusting person willing to fall head first

Into an accidental relationship with an oblivious stranger

Someone who pretended to be forthcoming when nothing but

Trying to keep a positive outlook when bored with the routine

Not letting a charlatan beat me into submission

Needle stuck on record player trying to figure out next move

Transition period lasted longer than intended

Unwilling to make any sudden moves for fear of motion sickness

No medication around for miles to cure this feeling of being jostled

From a comfortable position into one of complete terror

Pushing forward no matter the awkwardness that came next

Obligated to remain optimistic after too many smacks to the heart

Hard hits that weakened the walls and the soft tissue

Surrounding it and often hardening its unique contents

As a defense mechanism to prevent any more unwanted attacks

Turning the gushy material into a decayed matter unmaintainable

Inside a complex organism meant to function and run on blood and cells

Doesn't help if both elements have dried up and turned to rust

Looking for a permanent cure to the winter time blues

Staying as far away from the idea of love as possible

Disinterested in going down that rabbit hole again just yet

Taking a much needed detour into a Wonderland off the beaten path

Getting out of my comfort zone, in order to find lasting bliss in the future

Don't know when that'll occur; just looking to enjoy the view for the time being.

All I'm capable of for now.

Time to get the needle moving.

Time to get the needle moving.

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