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Tell her I still care

I ponder at the many moments in my life,

When I had no one else to turn to

Had nothing to look out for,

When mornings never excited me,

Neither did the dusks bring any consolation,

I ponder on the days I wished I knew,

How I wish I knew better than to screw up,

That I should have spent more time with you,

That I should have been crazier and sillier with you,

How I wish I knew....

Now here I am,

Oblivious of what we have become,

Scared of a future together,

Yet deep within my heart....

I know I desperately care for you,

Deep within me lies an insatiable urge,

To kiss you, to hug you tight, to stare far deep into your eyes

And proclaim my heart's desires,

That I still care and will forever be in love,

With YOU


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