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Tell me

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Tell me

Tell me what you always tell me

Tell me I have value

Tell me that I matter

But most of all tell me why

Why I can never feel it

No matter where I go

No matter who I’m with

I never feel more than a shadow

Of what it is you always say

Tell me how

Tell me how to feel it

I want to feel what you always say

I want you to come

I want you to stay

And I want you to be the one to choose

I don’t want to have to ask

If I matter at all

Tell me tell me

If its what you always say

Why do I never feel it

From you

Or anyone at all

Why do you never come

Why do you never stay

Words are words

And that is all

Show me

I don’t know how

I don’t know

But show me

Make me feel

Like I’m even worth anything at all

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