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Tell Me Moses

Is there a judgment day, was it yesterday
So many cried, burying their family
How can I think of myself smiling
Is it my time, am I able to love somebody

Smoke a cigarette Moses
Your work is done here
You so loved the world as did he
But it seems his kingdom is no longer near

You brought us ten natural plagues
God wanted us to know this earth
Shadows now hang down like moss
Is it the shame of our own worth

You didn’t take much of our time
But the warning bell rings loudly
Resonating across the Atlantic
Those who hear can’t sleep soundly

Tell us, did the Pharoah really say no
Was the fire and the parting sea enough
We read about the miracle, tell us more
What man can refuse when God plays rough?

I’m going to wait until the 14th of May
You know why, it’s when my heart will be free
Can a man be saved who is standing on the shore?
Will I cross like you or be consumed by the sea?

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