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Television Static: A Short Poem

Sit up straight

The tv isn't silent just because you choose to ignore it
You still can't push that crimson red coat of pain off of you
It's still attached
Forever there like that throbbing ache in your throat
You rub your cheeks raw because the trails of salt water burn you
They are thirsty for more tears
Because somehow if your dam breaks then maybe the blood will dry
And you'll go home with scars instead of scabs
Maybe they won't fester up into screaming agony
Shoving visions of flesh tearing
Smiles breaking through the tear stained skin
Chubby red cheeks
Dimples imprinted into your face
Just like yourself
Imprinted by the world
A scar that will never fade
You are silent
But you're not unlike the tv
The tv is just in your head
Static of a million voices saying you are something you're not
People make you silent because they choose to ignore you
Don’t listen to the tv
Shut it off


© 2019 Austin Koeckeritz

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