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Television Programs and Real Life

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How They Mirror The World We See

Like it or not they manage to coexist

I often wondered what makes writers relevant to the times

What would of happened if writers roles were reversed

If writers of today wrote works of years ago

If writers of years ago wrote works of today

Would we understand their programs?

Do are minds change with the times?

When I was growing up there were many sitcoms I loved

I love Lucy, Threes Company, Mash and Happy Days

To name a random few

Today if I watch them they are no longer as much fun

If that is true?

Then what will the programs the writers make in the future be like?

How will they be so different?

Is it our mind set?

People are still people

We have the same basic needs

To love and take care of our families

Live our life independently but we still need everyone to survive

To rise above tragedy and misfortune

Looking up to our heroes and those we admire

Some people love to be scared

Other people are so happy with a good, old, hearty, deep, down belly laugh

Yes our desires have changed

What happens if we skip ahead and think so far in the future?

Will people understand or ignore what we have to say?

Writers have a special gift to share with the world

Writing takes time and lots of effort

The ability to tap into and see what is happening around the world

Then take their imagination to recreate

In such a way to be interesting and appealing

Our language and our style

To the naked eye

It looks almost impossible

Then as we dive in deep

Like an underwater diver

We see things the outside world doesn't even know

Our feelings can sense the littlest change

In some ways they are more sensitive to our surroundings

What other people experience and dismiss

They give new life

To see the sad and the lost

The proud and the courageous

The happy and the silly

The mean and the ugly

When we watch t.v.

Do we watch with a blank slate?

We have no idea what is about to happen

Then the story line is revealed in front of our eyes

As writers spend months even years to share something they have made

They feel it has value

Taking an idea

That they were willing to carry it to a whole new level

There are so many different categories

It is hard to see it all

Then what happens after all this hard work

Their program is rejected

Their idea is igored or shunned

Do you stop there?

Do you keep at it?

When do you call it quits?

When a t.v. program is cancelled?

Was all their hard work in vane?

Maybe their program lasted a few years

Then got cancelled

Maybe they had a good run for eight to ten years

Then the writers decided it was time

To let the program end

Then again how many programs never get that chance

They never make it

Do to network differences

Maybe actors problems on and off the set

Lack of funding or wrong actors in the wrong parts

So next time you watch a t.v. program

Tell me what you learn?

Did it move you in a different or in a good way

Did it make you think?

Did it aggrivate you to know end?

Did you find it funny,sad or appealing?

This is one way to look at t.v. in a whole new light

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