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Telepathy? Or a dream?


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Ethereal Manifestation

How to find you? If even your name I lost.
How to remember you? If even your last name I forgot.
The vortex of time threads feelings.
I loved you, without almost knowing you.

I loved your silences forced by my feigned indifference.
I loved your look silent and full of words,
who longed to manifest their tenderness.
Your hands anxious to touch my skin,
for feeling my forms ....

The jealousy ended the incipient romance,
when seeing you surrounded by odious flowers,
a thistle kisses you ...
A thistle shows the triumph,
and in your eyes I see a tear.

Torrent of rains are triggered by youthful love.
The memory will prevail in the terrestrial stay,
only the day of the end call will be released.
I think I feel your hand in mine.

Telepathy? Or a dream?

Why do you suddenly come to my mind?
Because suddenly, you take on an ethereal form?
Manifestation of what was not, and will never be.

I will keep loving you...

© 2018 Venus Mary

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