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Teenage, A Heightened State

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An amateur writer trying to unfold the mysterious of the world through her writing.


Everyone goes through or everyone has passed

A state of being a teenager, an age of scar

Young, carefree childhood converts into a dream,

When you go through this transformation, a whole new world unleash

Promises are made and every second its broken

A world where everyone has to pass without getting broken

A state so high and emotions are utmost,

Vampire like characteristic, a heightened state of course

Everything feels so connected and we feel too much,

We cry and laugh and party as if we are afraid of noone

Anxiety and depression are more prone to them,

Everything feels wrong and the saddest chapter begin

This phase is the most important for shaping our minds,

We must pass it without giving our fear the leverage to take our life’s.

© 2022 Parul Rawat