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Technology Interrupted

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Developed a fractured feeling that superglue can't fix

Using one foot in front of the other automatically

Thought a sense of regular routine would help

Inject some normalcy back onto the canvas

Sadly, today wasn't going to be that day

Hit a roadblock that simple tricks couldn't fix

Contacted the professionals to no avail

Stuck in traction yet again as the hourglass spins

Around and around with no resolution in sight

Getting angrier and angrier listening to hold music

Not even a good tune to listen to as you wait

Just repetitious sounds that made little musical sense

Some heavy distortion that grated your patience to ashes

Wondered when a resolution would arrive

A magical talisman or cure to fix not being able to work

Patience erased away on the mental dry erase board

Only fragments remained as time slowly drifted on by

Mind turning into complete and utter drivel in the interim

No answers given by anyone with minimal knowledge

Just half truths and evasions thrown like fastballs

Prepared to duck but caught too off guard by the last one

Hit square in the nose and equilibrium taken away

Wondered if it would ever return to the body

Doubtful at this point since over six hours wasted

Paid to sit there and look pretty while everyone else

Got the job done; an unfair advantage without any control over

Never been the type to rest on any type of laurels

Avoided letting grass grow beneath these pesky bare feet

Faced in a hierarchy where they were of little consequence

Patience a virtue to those who had it in spades

For the rest, an allusive concept unlikely to be ever obtained

Simply taking it one inch at a time

Amazing how some had control over emotions at larger problems

And instead split wide open by pointlessly minute problems

Almost laughable and bitterly disappointing at the same token

Found a short term solution to this problem

Unsure if it will hold for tomorrow

Fingers crossed it will; in no mood for a repeat of today's performance.

What happens if the thing you depend on decided to not cooperate?

What happens if the thing you depend on decided to not cooperate?

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