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Tears of adoration

The author is trying to figure out the essence of life by taking small steps towards the appropriate answers.


He said it tastes different

What did it taste like?

Was it the saline ocean water

just like the salty relationship he had with his brother

who is no longer by his side

Or like rainwater

that once used to be the medium for the paper boats race

he used to have with his brother

No one knows

Or like the Juice he used to fight with his brother for

what tasted like heaven back then as toddlers

is just a mere flavoured cold drink for him now,

He thinks about it as his teary eyes hold the sight of

his kids sharing a two-way straw while

enjoying Orange juice,

being reminded of the time when he spilled his juice purposely

only to make his brother share his juice

His heart fills with great satisfaction and adoration

he licks his lips which were wet from his tears,

But sure they taste different he thought

the tears of adoration.