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Tears of Love Part 5

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


While on this I received your message that

Having been restless like I was for days

You have decided to toe the uncommon path

With me like the Ruth of the bible did with

Her mother inlaw, stating you feel better and

On top of the world following your heart

Than allowing fear to grip your heart, incapaciting

You and held you perpetually in bondage

Of what people will do, living a miserable life

Being a shadow of yourself and not enjoying

Marriage which I have had in mind since your

Youthful days that you shall enjoy.

You have asked me to promise you of my unfailing

Love for you, that if I can do this, promise you,

All your fears would be gone and you will not

Be afraid of risking everything for me

Because you know whatever you lose

For me you are going to gain in me

We are going to achieve together shortly

Everything we may have lost because those

People are not God.

You have always know that my heart is with you

And like a shell and a snail which cannot be

Separated that is how I have demonstrated

My love to you. You have after receiving my message

Say having had my word and have taken me for my

Word I shouldn't consider again what others are saying

That we should continue our love. I was elated to

Read this from you because I felt the heavy load

On me being rolled off. As I put this down I want you

To know that I am shedding tears of joy, tears of Love

And you will see the droplets of my tears on this paper

By the time you open it to read my piece to you...

Again, I am telling you with all my heart that I love you

And you should know that together we shall forever be...



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