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Tears of Love Part 4

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Since this moment, a day cannot passby without

Me dreaming of us spending vacations together

At different places of the world, where we are together

Not separated by Covid again nor anything at that,

I dreamt of how our children surround our table playing

With us. Those wonderful dreams most of which I Shared with you

Some of your beautiful dreams you have equally

Shared with me, making me happy and we

Have been looking forward to a glorious future ahead of us

Though there have been trepidation about the norms of

The island forbidding people of different tribes from

Coming together as one and we have been "hopeful "

As the Holy Writ has said that "hope makes not ashame "

That we shall not be put to shame and ours shall be different

There shall be waiver for us having seen how we have

Deeply loved each other. Though we thought their getting to know

About our deep romantic involvement with each other will

Bring a waiver, but we are sordidly mistaken as this did not

Happen as we have been asked to part lest curses be invoked

On us among other terrible things.

Since the receipt of the message have I been a shadow

Of myself, lost appetite and my blood pressure has risen.

I have been thinking that will this be the end of us?

The world looks like he'll to me each passing day without

You and I keep asking myself why have I been begotten?

Some have suggested that I will find someone else

For no one is irreplaceable but my mind does not think of

Any other person. Other ladies I am seeing are like "dung"

To me, their beauty is nothing to me neither anything that makes

Them up

I keep hoping against hope. Someone says you may not

Feel it the same way as I am feeling it that you may have

Gone with someone else, yet my mind will not go of you...


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