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Tears of Love Part 3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


As our friendship grows, people around me start

Wondering what has happened to me because they could see

Well written all over me happiness emanating from the

Inner joy each day. This has not been so with me before

And some who have noticed this changes were forced to ask

Me of what the source of the new changes in me was

Boldly do I reply them that I have found new inspiration,

I have found someone who celebrates genuine friendship.

Last year that we were unable to celebrate your birthday

Due to the lock down in which the laws forbid movements

It was as if the world has come to an end, because

I have planned to surprise you that day

However during the course of our interaction

You have expressed how it pained you to the marrows

That we couldn't meet to again mark your birthday

Adding that the laws put in place was for our safety

And the phase will soon pass as it passed about

Hundred years ago during the global pandemic.

I believed you, I had overwhelming happiness reading

Your messages and daily look forward to when the

Lockdown would be over.

Your house was the first point of contact whe the

Lockdown was eased because staying apart for days

To weeks and months have not been easy for me

Though we have been seeing each other's faces on social

Media through video calls as beautiful as that is yet it

Couldn't match seeing each other face to face.

When we indeed saw that day I knew instantly that this

Friendship is taken another turn, a turn that would give us

Continuous joy

I was not mistaken by this thought of mine as you

Also expressed same thought which has been based on

The insatiable feelings you have had inside of you for months.

It was therefore not surprising that we found ourselves wrapped

Up in each other's arms as the bell of the new twist

To the friendship begins, we have fallen in love with each other.


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