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Tears of Love Part 2

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While putting down this he was shedding tears

Of love for he abinitio thought it has been over

With them unknown to him that the lady also wasn't at ease.

"Our friendship starts for years ago when we came

Across each other at the sporting pavilion.

Initially I was thinking if would be one of such meetings, one of such friendships

Brief and superficial and wouldn't continue for

Long but I was greatly mistaken as it continues

Then you intimated me of your birthday date

Emphatically stating to me that you want me to be

By your side that day, you want me to take you out

You want to celebrate and mark your special day with me

I was surprised on hearing this because by my estimate

As a paragon of beauty, I had thought you would want

To be in company of another guy...handsome

For I am sure that there have been arrays of birds

Parading, monitoring, walking around you like

Maize put inside a transparent bottle

None out of those beautiful birds have been

Chosen by you to celebrate you,celebrate with you and

Be with you on your remarkable day - birthday!

Though not verily handsome, neither rich nor influential

In the society yet you have chosen me above those ones

This keeps marveling me.

Sometimes prior this day I was thinking you will have

Another thought, booked your time with somebody

Else and afterwards tell me of how deeply sorry you are

To have changed the plan of celebrating your special day with me

Again, I was clearly mistaken because you did not change

Your earliest position of meeting with me as you keep

Putting me in remembrance of the day, always telling me

That you are looking forward to have a momentous and

A memorable day with me.

The D-day was indeed wonderful for me, because I enjoyed

Your companionship like never.

That day was the defining moments of our lives,

Rechristening moment of our days as each day

Continues to be fresh, brand new with us


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