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Tears of Love Part 1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication



This is a simple poetic story of a young man who is in love with a beautiful damsel but who for culture has been compelled to leave the damsel...

They are of different tribes and met at another land

As time passes their opposite poles like a magnet attracted

Each other and they fell in love

Having known one of the norms of the land that

Opposite poles of different tribes must not attract

Each other they started playing their love secretly

Their love became deeper than expected within short

Frame of time such that the custodians of the norms

Of the land got the wind of this

Strong warnings were sent to each of them to

Stop the love or they be ready to face the consequences

Being dealt with according to the law of the land

When each of them got this message they wept bitterly

Thinking that does it mean it is all over with their

Romantic involvement with each other?

After receiving the messages fear gripped their hearts

And they couldn't meet with each other again for

A time and times.

They lived each of their days subsequently after this

With heaviness of heart, being stressed up. They can

Neither focus nor think straight again because of their love for each other

Because of the stressed induced chemicals released

Into their blood streams, some other diseases

Started manifesting in their lives.

They lose their sleep and could not do anything

Substantial, thence they decided to retrace their

Steps go back to the order

Becoming twined together as they have been

Doing before, damning the consequences.

Their joy knew no limitations when they met again

After the break.

Then the young men puts this note down for his

Spouse to tell her of his position during the short

Days of their separation.


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