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Tears Inside Her Eyes

Do not be fooled. Just because you see only one side of anything, do not forget there is always another side to it. Between publishing hubs,


Beyond the silent stars, over the green fields of yore
I flew with no effort, no labor, no less, no more.
I hear the fadeless waterfalls, I run through the roses
Many come this way, mostly the rich, sad, and poor.

Like well-timed machines ticking seconds gone
Daring the universe in evils in sight.
She's in sight, she's in darkness, then she is born . . .
Inside the caverns, without the needless light.

Wild ravens, dancing snakes, all in the sand
Charming, dreaming the fathomed dreams.
Holding her life, kissing her silky hands.
I stay for certain lengths, no plans, no schemes.

Just silent gazes, hypnotic batting of eyes
Without movement, without vows, we take.
Until eternal love, devotion, the ocean dies.
Knowing she loves, beauty in her eyes awake.


© 2020 Kenneth Avery

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