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Tears Of Forgiveness: Poetry

I love to rhyme, therefor, I write poetry and if my muse is awake I love to write short stories. My name is Ruby. I am a retired RN.


She stands at the window and wonders if she'll ever smile again?

They were a close-knit family, thinking they would always be lovers until the very end

What happened to make him lose hope and want to walk away?

The days grew long and tiresome, too much togetherness made him curse the day

He missed going to work, and missed his weekly pay

He missed adventure and everyday grew longer day after day


The children seemed to yell out louder and louder

Oh, he dearly loved them and couldn't be any prouder,

but each time they yelled pierced him like a knife

What happened to their blissful life?

They passed each other in the long hallway

Each looking down, with nothing left to say

Where could he go with this C virus on the rise?

Who would take care of them, his once longed for prize?

The day turned to evening, TV blaring news of a pandemic spike

He looked at his wife and children, thinking, " They need me, how could I possibly think of taking a-run-away-hike?

He then begins to weep

Thinking, " How could I let despair make me feel so cheap? "

" Pull yourself together " he uttered and makes a sacred vow

She wrapped her arms around him, together they cried tears of forgiveness and knew they would make it somehow.


© 2020 Ruby Jean Richert

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