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"Tears Have Run Dry II"

Dianne is a newborn adult who wants to discover herself more and to make a little movement to go out of her comfort. - an unknown human-

Thanks Quinne

Thanks Quinne


“Tears have run Dry II”


I have a lot to say but

To whom I will share?

I have a lot to say but

Where should I start?

Today is rather special than yesterday of yesterday’s day

My birthday

I do not know why

I am just glad and thankful

I didn’t run - I’m sure.

I happen to be free

So there was nothing to run of


However, still afraid about the future

Right now, I won’t think

I’ll just let it pass by today

I’ll worry no more - just today

Let me

‘Cause tears didn’t run

Did not flee, did not fly

My eyes are dry.

© 2022 Dianne Manzano

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