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Tears Came Down

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These tears came down
came streaming down
running down my face
like a pouring rain
of all the pain
that had ever taken place.

I could not stop
would not stop
the tears that flowed like streams
and I had to wonder
had to wonder
exactly what it means?

I know life seems hard
if you play that part
when it really is a gift
and it's just the way
just the way
you choose to look at it.

So I got it out
as the tears came out
all that I did hold
and I'll get myself
up again
and remember I am bold.

To make a change
when you rearrange
what you might have been
that there may be pain
before the gain
before you begin again.

So let the tears come down
let the tears come down
and wash away that pain
the pain we hold
pain we hold
as if it were a friend.

Get it out
that's what the cry's about
and that is all it is
and then dry the tears
put away the fears
and start again to Live.