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Tear Drops of Surrender

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.



A Lovers Quarrel

Both Spread Their

Wings In Flight

Away From

Each Others Words

Broken Hearts

Shattered Dreams

Of Their Reality

Of Being

Lovers Forever

Sitting In Isolation

Both Slumped In

Winter Corners

Of Their Minds

Feeling Deeply


Alike Wounded

Love Doves

With Broken Wings

One Can't Fly

With Their Imaginations

Running Rapid Their

Thoughts Racing

Around Love

They Pretend They Have

Soft Feathers

Using It

To Wipe Away

Their Yearning

Drops That Drips

To Their Soft Prayers

To God

Of Not Wanting

Their Love Over

Either Can Get

Off The Floor

Were They Sit

For Hours

Sitting In A

Wounded Daze

To Get Tissues

To Wipe Away

Their Tear Drops

Both So Similar

The Union Cup

They Drank As One

They're Wedding Vows

They Hold Divinely Sacred

Both So Alike A Peacock

Proudly They Show Off

Their Brilliant Long

Graceful Feathers And Colors

They Hide Their Broken Spirits

Masking Their Fear Of Hurt

Pride Swallows Their Surrender

To Each Other


Both Can Barely Breathe

Without The Others Love

They Know They Would

Die A Slow Death

They Are Each Others

Joy And Life

She Sits On The Floor

Begging Herself

To Run To Him

For Forgiveness

It Was Her Fault

He Sits On The Floor

So Ashamed Of His

Male Pride That Won't

Run To Her Arms Of

Passionate Love

He Smells Their Love

And Slowly

Enters The Hunter

The Protector

Frame Of Jealous Mode

Picturing Her In Another

Man's Arms

They Both Enter Into

A Deep Prayer

To God

Knowing Deep Within

Their Soul Mates


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