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Teal Flowers

Passionate storyteller striving to create meaningful connections. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

The tones in the sky, the water,
some tears, a smile,
the laughter that links,
organza flowers to touch
you sense them, eyes closed
dipping the brush
of wishes
in one eternal song
of love.

What is now or becomes
stays on wings of lace,
the sand of time
still in organza,
unseen veil,
transparent desire,
moving with breeze
landing, treading secure
and then slow, standing still,
taken by wind,
close to the waves,
higher when water tries to attain
the veil of one butterfly,
looking to taste
fragrance of teal petals
spread on your path.

Organza alights, keeps close
scent of a start
weaves the beginning
from hundreds of seconds
that ended
and stay
in one maze of light
with doors opened once
by teal flowers of moon.

Connected to sea,
they stay in the night
sunshine would break spells,
enchant them
to send different echos
voices unheard
up in the clouds
or under the mountains
of wisdom and trust.

Silken embraces
remind you of home
with sheer organza
guarding the view
letting in birds’ song,
melody of thoughts
uniting what was
to who you will be.

The now is one second,
what could be stays on
retraced by one heart
back to the place
your love rose to bloom,
forgotten the wings
tinged in teal hue
of endless devotion.

© 2021 Amy Christie